A content management system (CMS) allows you to edit your site without needing specialist technical skills. It’s a cost-effective solution for any website where you need flexibility and control. We work regularly with open source and commercial solutions, and stay up to date with the latest developments, so we can provide you with the right website for your needs.

In our experience, an intuitive content management system will result in far higher uptake of usage internally, lower training costs and a longer overall system life.

We’re experts in delivering content management that is highly intuitive and simple to manage, and we enjoy working with open source systems such as Concrete5, WordPress, and Magento. When a more heavyweight solution is required, we also are happy to roll up our sleeves to deliver enterprise-class solutions across a wide variety of platforms, or even create an entirely custom solution if you need.


WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. It started out as a platform exclusively for blogging but has grown and advanced significantly over the years.

Today, over 40% of sites (around 68 million) using a CMS are using WordPress. If you want to create a website or blog, WordPress offers many benefits which we cover below. We are experts in delivering WordPress builds and can provide you with feature-rich, high-quality systems that fulfil all of your requirements.

Key Features


WordPress has significantly more plug-ins, themes and other customisations than any other CMS. This is mostly because it is the most popular, so the designers of these items almost always create them for WordPress. You can also create a blog with WordPress.


WordPress is free to install and use. There are thousands of free plug-ins and themes available to choose from if you need or want them as well as paid premium themes and plug-ins.

Community support

With millions of people using WordPress, there are many people out there to help you through any problems you may have. Several offer free support to other WordPress website owners.

Ease of use

With an intuitive interface, WordPress is very simple to use. You can add new pages, blog posts, images, etc. on a regular basis quickly and easily. Because the technology is so simple, you also save time on formatting.

Search engines love WordPress

The code behind WordPress is very clean and simple, making it easy for search engines to read and index your content. In addition, each page, post, and image can have its own meta tag keywords, descriptions, titles, and can be optimised for specific keywords, allowing for very precise search engine optimisation. You can also use tags to further enhance your SEO efforts.

The design of your website is 100% customisable

WordPress acts as the engine for your website. You can customise your site completely, so your brand can shine through on your site and you provide a unique experience for your visitors.

A blog is built-in and ready to go

WordPress was originally created as a blogging platform, so blogging capabilities are built-in and are easy to integrate if you need them. It’s easy to set up RSS/email subscriptions to your blog, allow comments, and automatically add the most recent blog posts to other pages of the site (such as your home page), extending your company’s reach and making your site more dynamic and interactive.

Extend the functionality of your site with plugins

Want to add an event calendar, video gallery, Twitter feed, Facebook Like box, and more to your site? WordPress makes this possible with plugins, most of which are free or very reasonably priced.

Multiple users

As an administrator of a WordPress site, you can set up multiple users for your website and assign access levels and capabilities to each one.

Your site can grow as your business grows

WordPress sites are very scalable. You can add hundreds of thousands of pages or blog posts on your site without compromising its performance.


From community web portals to personal websites, eCommerce sites to social networking sites, and newsletters to resource directories, Drupal can help you address all the requirements for a stronger online presence.

With more than 39,000 modules, 3,000 different themes, and hundreds of thousands of developers, Drupal has community support on a daily basis. Which may explain why the system accounts for more than two percent of all the websites worldwide.

We are experts in delivering Drupal builds that enable us to provide you with a feature-rich, high-quality website that fulfils all your needs.

Key Features

It’s open-source software

In Drupal core software, contributed modules, and a large number of themes are free.

It facilitates rapid deployment

Drupal enables companies to deploy core features and functionality rapidly. As a true ‘Web 2.0’ style, developers can make customisations after deployment of a Drupal site. Companies can customise their site to accommodate feedback and business requirements after it is live.

It’s enterprise-class software

In terms of scalability, flexibility, reliability, manageability, security, interoperability, and availability of resources, Drupal is an enterprise-class CMS. Developers can readily integrate it with other applications like SAP, phpBB, etc.

It has an extensive API support

Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps, Google Analytics, YouTube, etc. provide an extensive API support for Drupal. Developers can create own custom modules by using such well-documented API.

It’s SEO friendly

SEO plays a vital role in any company’s online marketing strategies, and Drupal enables companies to produce SEO-friendly websites. It has enormous flexibility to display content in a way that search engines like.

It’s mobile-ready

The increasing use of smart devices opens the doors for new marketing platforms. Smart device users can view a Drupal website as easily as desktop users. Small businesses can rely on this feature in order to generate more leads.